We work closely with you, the customer, to design, develop and manufacture our products exactly to your requirements. This is because our top priority is to translate your needs into reality. So every component we develop is based on state-of-the-art 3D CAD design technology.

Our pride and joy: our state-of-the-art engineering facilities When it comes to our portfolio, only the best is good enough. Our engineers and specialists machine and manufacture our products using an impressive array of modern engineering facilities. With our gun drilling centre, our turning and grinding centres, our balancing machine and our new roll test stand, we’re ideally equipped to meet your every need.

Deep hole drilling:
CNC deep hole drilling machine Safop 168 CNC
Technical specifications:
  • Control: Siemens 820 T
  • Max. workpiece dimensions: Ø 2000 x 12000 mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 50 tonnes
  • Number of drill spindles: 196
  • Max. hole depth: 120 mm
  • Hole diameter: 3,5 - 15 mm
Max. attainable finish quality of suction holes RT = 6 / RA = 1

Roll turning:

Tacci roll turning lathe NV-NCC 1650/3 x 12000 CNC
Technical specifications:
  • Control: Siemens 840 D
  • Maximum width: 12000 mm
  • Turn diameter max.: 1680 mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 40 tonnes
  • Main drive power: 60 kW
Turret with 12 motorised tools/C-axis

Roll grinding:

CNC roll grinding centre
Technical specifications:
  • CNC control: HCC - Siemens S 7
  • Grinding lentgh: 9500 mm
  • Min. grinding diameter: 300 mm
  • Max. grinding diameter: 2500 mm
  • Max. workpiece weight: 50 tonnes
Roll inspection system with Vollmer measuring probes

Dynamic balancing:

Roll balancing machine
Technical specifications:
  • Control: B10 electronic measuring system
  • Workpiece dimensions: Ø 2500 x 12000 mm
  • Workpiece weights of up to 20 tonnes
  • Belt drive: 65 kW
  • Cardan drive shaft: 30 kW
  • Balancing speeds of up to 3000 m/min.
  • Three-stage dynamic balancing
  • Laser measuring system for measuring dynamic deflection
Measuring bridge for measuring the imbalance for rotors with or in their own mounting

Roll test stand:

Technical specifications:
  • Control: Siemens
  • Hydraulic aggregate: Bosch - Rexroth
  • Workpiece dimensions: Ø 2000 x 14000 mm
  • Max. workpeace weight: 80 tonnes
  • Drive belt: 500 kW
  • Cardan drive shaft: 500 kW
  • Measurement of up to - 64 zones
  • Balancing in near-realistic operating conditions using Schenck-Smart Balancer
  • Vibration measurement Speeds of up to 2000 m/min.