A particular speciality of ours: made-to-measure suction rolls and suction roll shells, suitable for a variety of applications.

State-of-the-art paper, cardboard and foil production would be inconceivable these days without key components such as suction rolls, suction roll shells and special functional rolls.

The rolls we provide can be used individually and offer tremendous dewatering performance on all kinds of paper machines – ideal for raising the dry content of paper sheets and improving material strength.

Focussing on precision: our suction rolls and suction roll shells.

We produce:
  • Suction breast rolls
  • Forming suction rolls
  • Suction couch rolls
  • Pick-up suction rolls
  • Central suction rolls
  • Felt suction rolls
  • Suction press rolls
  • Suction guide rolls for dryer sections
  • Transport suction rolls for plastic film adjustment at up to 2500 m/min and roll widths of up to 12 m
  • Suction roll shells made of premium Duplex stainless steel, with gun-drilled holes in tried-and-tested MWN quality

Sizes: diameters up to 2200 mm
Face length up to 12000 mm