Meeting even the most challenging demands. To manufacture, process or treat paper webs, films or non-wovens, our products have to address some highly exacting demands. With machine speeds of up to 2500 m/min and widths of up to 12 m, everything needs to work in total harmony. And MWN provides what its customers need. In every respect. Probably the most important factors for our clients are the reliability and longevity of our products, as round-the-clock production means rolls must stay up and running.
Headquartered in the small town of Niefern (less than an hour’s drive from Stuttgart in south-west Germany), MWN is one of the world’s leading specialists in the design and production of suction rolls and functional rolls. With over 100 years of history and engineering experience, MWN is an expert partner to the paper, cardboard, tissue and foil industry.